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Andrew Hibbard Medicare Help Buffalo NY
Andrew Hibbard Medicare Help Buffalo NY

Are You Nearing Age 65 -OR- Getting Ready To Retire And Aren't Sure Where To Start With Medicare?

I've Personally Helped More Than 1,110+ WNY'ers Feel Confident Knowing How To Avoid Making A Mistake, Messing Anything Up, And Absolutely Prevent Paying Costly Late Penalties For Life With My FREE, 5-Star Rated & Nationally Recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™

Now, I Want To Help You Too.

"I Help WNY'ers Sign Up And Start Medicare Smartly So They Never Pay A Costly Late Penalty
​At 65...Or Anytime After"

-Andrew "Mr. Medicare" Hibbard


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Andrew Hibbard Medicare Help Erie County NY

Hi, I'm Andrew Hibbard

When I'm not renovating our 1800's farm house in Akron, or teaching my 3 kids how to ski, I spend my time helping those nearing 65 who are confused and clueless feel more confident knowing what to do with Medicare.

I've authored an award-winning #1 best-selling book, Starting Medicare Smartly, researched and written an abundance of articles about the painful Medicare process, published and printed Special Reports for folks to be better prepared, as well as designed and developed the free, nationally recognized and 5-star rated Medicare SmartStart Program™ being used by WNY residents and retirees from many popular companies around the area, like MOOG, Rich Foods, Wegman's, and almost every school district in Erie County.

Recently, I was called WNY's very own "Mr. Medicare" at the latest Medicare SmartStart Masterclass™ I hosted as one of my ongoing, no-cost and complimentary community educational events where invitees learn the new Medicare rules and regulations for residents in WNY which differ significantly and specifically from other states.

My sole goal is to help more Baby Boomers in WNY free themselves from the fears and frustrations around Medicare and make this confusing and challenging chore everyone constantly complains about...simpler, easier, seemingly stress-free and almost effortless (which is really what you want and deserve!)

I'm Dedicated To Helping  You Start Medicare Smartly


Medicare SmartStarter™

/meh-duh-kehr/  /smaart/  /staar-tr/

A person who feels confused and clueless about Medicare, and rather than rely on their own assumptions, they seek out the advice from an expert authority to proactively put a plan in place which eliminates all risk of messing anything up, making a mistake, or paying a late penalty, fine or fee, so the entire Medicare process becomes simpler, easier, seemingly stress-free, and almost effortless.

We Take The "Scare" Out Of Medicare

Everyone Learns A Little Different, But Who Doesn't Like A Little Free Help To Hold-You-By-The-Hand?

Here Are Some More Ways We Make The Complications Of Medicare...Uncomplicated.

You Can Feel Confident Knowing What To Do With Medicare.​

I Can Take Away The Stress Of Trying To Tackle It On Your Own.

how to sign up for medicare buffalo ny

Figuring out all the fine print with Medicare doesn't need to feel stressful. You don't have to spend your scarce free time at home, alone, in isolation, relying on your own assumptions and hit-or-miss guesses, attempting to do-it-yourself.

Confidently knowing exactly what to do with Medicare (and when) is THE KEY to avoiding paying a late penalty and only my Medicare SmartStart Program™ will show you how.

If you don't have the time or the desire to deal with Medicare directly, and want a BETTER, SMARTER, time-saving solution to short-cut hours of your own trial and error so you know --- without question --- you aren't messing anything up making a mistake.

Let me put my proven 3-step Medicare SmartStart Program™ to work for you --- for FREE --- and get everything expertly done-for-you without you really having to do much of anything other than ask...

​Click the BIG [YES! I Want Your Free Help, Andrew!] BUTTON below to take the next step and schedule a complimentary Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session with me --- it's that easy!

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Who Is Andrew Hibbard?

Since 2015, Andrew has helped over 1,110+ WNY'ers through his free, 5-star rated and nationally recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™, taking away all the stress from folks trying to tackle Medicare on their own. His impressive record of success has Andrew featured in Forever Young Magazine and the BEE Group Newspapers, exclusive interviews on WECK Radio's Senior Matter's Program, nominated to Buffalo Business First 40 Under 40 (2023), and listed in Marque's Who's Who In America (2024).  He is the author of the award-winning #1 best-selling book, "Starting Medicare Smartly," which reveals how new rules change the sign up process for Boomers  born after 1956 and the specific and significant difference for NY residents versus other states.


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